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The Ultimate Guide on How to Build a Coffee Cart Ebook

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How to Build a Coffee Cart Business

If you are looking to start a coffee cart business you've come to the right spot. This is my 7th year in the mobile coffee industry, with both espresso carts and coffee trucks. I've taken my years of experience and distilled it into this fun, easy to read ebook so you can get your coffee cart permitted and make money!

Do Coffee Carts Make Money?

Yes! Coffee carts can be extremely profitable. Coffee carts with good foot traffic in high volume retail locations can easily see over 300 cup sales per day. At $5-6 per cup, a mobile coffee cart can gross $1500-$1800 per day in coffee sales alone. Coffee carts that just do catering have a very low overhead and can make from hundreds (events) to thousands (weddings) of dollars in just hours! 

How Much Does It Cost to Run a Coffee Cart?

The most expensive cost is labor and rent. Employees average $10-15 per hour (times 1.15 to pay for their taxes). Rent is always negotiable. For some carts that focus only on catering, they do not have the rent expense. Carts located in high traffic retail locations such as malls can pay upward to $2,000 a month for their space. Insurance roughly costs from $25-100 per month, depending on your location (retail locations cost more). Utilities depend on your business model (catering models, very low and  high volume retail models can be upto $300 month, with electric being the highest).

Is A Coffee Cart Business Profitable?

Yes, coffee cart businesses make more money than they consume. To find out how profitable a cup of coffee is, subtract the Cost of Goods from the purchase price. The average cost of goods for a 16 ounce coffee is as follows: 

Cup (0.07 cents), Lids (0.08 cents), Sleeve (0.06 cents) = (0.21 cents)

At $8.50 per pound of coffee, each ounce will cost 3.1 cents. At 14 ounces (room for cream) each cup costs 0.44 cents.

For 18 grams of espresso per double shot, you will draw 24 shots per pound (roughly, espresso is messy). $8.50 divided by 24 double shots equates to 0.35 cents per double shot. 

Milk cost $2.50 per gallon (128 fl oz) with each latte using 12 ounces (steamed milk stretches and iced lattes have ice). This equates to 10 drinks per gallon or  0.25 cents per drink. 

Syrup cost $5.00 per 25 oz bottle using 1 ounce per serving which equates to 0.20 cents per serving. 

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