Coffee Truck Floor Plan Design Consultation Service

Coffee Truck Floor Plan Design Consultation Service

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Step One The first step is a conference meeting (Zoom or Google Meet) in which we discuss the various code/regulations that we must adhere to. I will then ask about your vision and give honest feedback on how to apply your vision to the code and regulations to increase the probability of a successful, health department approved coffee truck. 

Step Two After the initial consultation, I will then draw up a rough draft. This process takes approximately 7 days. The rough draft is hand-drawn. It will include a birds-eye view, a view of each inside wall and a plumbing diagram. After the rough draft is submitted, we will then again join a conference meeting for revisions to the rough draft. 

Step Three Revisions are applied to the rough draft and a final draft is created. Again, I send the final draft for acceptance. If accepted, the plans are sent to a software technician to be drawn up in 2D CAD. If another set of revisions are needed, we will do a final consultation for final revisions. 

Step Four Final revisions are drawn in 2D CAD.