Grassroots Mobile Coffee Course

Grassroots Mobile Coffee Course

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Grassroots Mobile Coffee Course

This course is designed for the student early in their process of building a mobile coffee truck or cart. The course gives an overview of what it would take to enter the market, calculating the cost of goods (cost per cup), developing a good business strategy to enter the market and determining the cost of a coffee truck or espresso cart. Also in this course, we give guidance on how to obtain funding for your coffee dreams and what steps are needed to get started on your path. If you are just getting started in the pursuit of your coffee dreams, this is the course for you! 


The group meets once per week, each week for 4 consecutive weeks. Meetings occur on Google Meet. Meetings are not recorded. In the event you miss a meeting, you can make it up with another group. Only one make up session allowed per group.

Week 1: Starting A Business

In the first week, we discuss how to start a business, different tax strategies, insurance needs and creating your digital footprint. This is also a good time to bring up a business idea to see if it is feasible option. 

Week 2: Cost of Goods

In your second week, we will breakdown the cost per cup of common menu items such as a cup of coffee, a latte, Frappuccino and various food items. 

Week 3: Calculating the Cost of a Coffee Truck

How much does a coffee truck cost? In this week, we will dissect the cost of building your own coffee truck and compare to purchasing a used or new coffee truck. Spreadsheets of previous coffee trucks included. 

Week 4: Obtaining Funding

This week focuses on how to obtain funding for your coffee truck dreams.